You've been Mongolian BBQ'd!

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To all of the creative people out there! Twitterers, Facebookers, Tumblrers, Everyoners! The immensely talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I are working on a fun set of short films for Joe’s website/TV show and we are asking for your help! We want to make a series of shorts based off of your secrets. Now, I know that sounds terrifying but Joe and the gang at HitRecord have set up a way for you to ANONYMOUSLY share your secrets with us so we can pick our favorites and act them out for his website/television show! All the info is in the video above. You can also contribute and learn more BY CLICKING HERE! is a wonderful community of human beings that want to collaborate and actually make things. Join the fun!


Cool idea guys do it uppp

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I love when riffs from the podcast enter the video series

The new Stony remix is out and IT IS #DOPE


1. Eating a banana

2. Typing

3. Washing your hands

4. Putting on chapstick

5. Unzipping your hoodie

6. Kissing

7. Reading

8. Sleeping

oh god dave though

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