You've been Mongolian BBQ'd!

Gifs from Collegehumor videos. :)

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Things I’ve Learnt From Jake and Amir

  1. Aardvark jizz is incredibly cold.
  2. Praying mantises have one spouse for their entire life, and penguins eat their husbands.
  3. Half the cars in the United States of Milwaukee are all driven by Bovines.
  4. People give talks on “Fan Cleanliness” in Ibiza.
  5. There is a disease called ‘The T-shirt Virus”. A symptom of this virus is lying to Amir Blumenfeld but can be cured by him standing up, taking off his shirt and yelling “I’M A HUGE PERVERT! I’M A PEDOPHILE AND A PERVERT!”

Hardly Working out of context

Best of luck to Jeff Rubin, who is leaving CollegeHumor (and New York!) to pursue other great things. He will be missed by us CH fans!!

Dan Gurewitch Appreciation Post

so casual