You've been Mongolian BBQ'd!

Gifs from Collegehumor videos. :)

Bleep Bloop gifs only:

Hilarious video!

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Collegehumor’s Sam Reich, one of the most intelligently funny people I’ve never met!

When a waiter says “Enjoy your food”

Every single time I will say “Oh, you too”

I mean it - yo, have a seat next to me

Pour yourself a cup of my DIG-NI-TYY

Beef Gurewitch

"The secret is to marinate it in the original bile!"

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I felt this tumblr needed a Troopers gif. This is from one of my favourite episodes - Coffee Run. I love this series! In other news, we’re up to 25 followers! Thanks for following and liking and reblogging stuff, everyone!